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Bethel Encourages People To “Give 5” in this Unusual Year

Chattanooga, TN — At a time of year when local charities typically urge donors to “Think BIG,” Bethel Bible Village is taking a different approach for Giving Tuesday this year. “2020 has been tough for everyone,” notes Rosalind Connor, Bethel President and CEO. “From parents and children struggling... Read More

Holiday Movie Dream Job

If you're looking for a holiday dream gig! This just might be your thing. The website is searching for a "Chief Holiday Cheermeister." Before we even get to the job description, that sounds like a cool gig...right?!?! The Chief Holiday Cheermeister will be asked to watch 25 holiday... Read More

Parent Hack - Kid Wound Up? Try A Popsicle In The Shower

As a parent it's tough when your child gets all wound up about something and can't "unwind" it themselves. It may be anxiety, excitement or just pure kid energy. It makes sense to change their environment a little to help them snap them out of it and calm their nerves is with a sensory experience... Read More

A Guy Filming a UFO Needs to Keep His Eyes on the Road

KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD!!! The truth may be out there, but you've got to be careful when you're looking for it. A guy in China took to TikTok with a video of what he believed was a tractor trailer hauling a UFO. At the very least it is a UO(Unidentified Object)...its' technically not flying. He... Read More


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – Today (09/17-2020) , the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce announced that the Chattanooga Lookouts have been named the Small Business of the Year for the 51-300 Employees category. The announcement was originally scheduled for April but delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic... Read More

Don't Push Your Slow Friend Down to Save Yourself from a Bear

We've all heard "I don't have to out run the bear, I just have to out run YOU," when it comes to a wild encounter in the woods. Well don't do that. The National Parks Service put up a Facebook Post that reminded folks, if they encounted a bear to "Please don't push your slower friends down in... Read More

Ex Gets His Revenge In A Galaxy Far Far Away

We all respond to a break-up differently, but his guy just takes the cake. A man in Australia put up posters around town asking people to call his ex and pretend to be Chewbacca. He even went as far as claiming that the person who gave the best impression would win $100. THAT got the phone rining... Read More

Summer Hack To Transform Trampoline Into Swimming Pool

With the Lockdown, it's hard to know what's open and what's not nowadays. It's hard to know where to take the family to cool off for the summer. This British family did a little improve after they were not able to find a pool. They just made one on their own... out of their trampoline. They took a... Read More

Amazon Driver Follows Boy's Special Delivery Instructions

This kid in Delaware thought it would be funny to mess with Mom's Amazon Deliver. Somehow her son answered the question in the form that was asking about special delivery instructions. The question was “Do we need additional instructions to find this address?” And the boy typed in the box “No, but... Read More