Sarah Jessica Parker Shares Photos of Young Andy Cohen on 'Sex and the City'

December 12, 2019

A recent “Sex and the City” throwback left many devoted fans either feeling nostalgic or shocked.

Even if you’ve seen every episode, it’s totally understandable if you weren’t aware that Sarah Jessica Parker’s real-life bestie, Andy Cohen, made a few cameos on the HBO show.

The reveal came when the actress posted a photo of her iconic character Carrie Bradshaw alongside the familiar face.

The screenshots include two different scenes from two episodes where the “Watch What Happens Live” host made an appearance.

One shot is from season 4 when Cohen plays a shirtless club-goer, while the other is from season 6 where he’s a Barney’s employee assisting Bradshaw with a new shoe purchase.

“Oh young love. Early friendship,” the actress captioned the photo.

“I couldn’t possibly have known what @bravoandy would come to mean nor how the love for him would grow,” she added.

She credited the original fan account @everyoutfitonsatc for initially posting the screenshots and allowing her to take “a blissful walk down memory lane and a sweet thrill to recognize what the decades of friendship have rendered.”

One fan commented: "I’m dying!!!! I never recognized that was him in all the 100’s of times I have seen each episode!"

Another added, “I didn't know. I was looking at all of the shoes instead,” which sounds like something the footwear mogul would say.

Sarah and Andy have been friends for years after meeting when he was working as a producer on “The Morning Show” at CBS.

They’ve become such good friends over the years that they even took a BFF test on his talk show.

In the words of Andy, “This is everything.”

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