Blue Zone Diet: 5 Locations Where Living to 100 Is Normal

December 13, 2019

Even with advances in medicine and all the comforts of modern technology, it’s still uncommon for most people to hit triple digits on their birthday cakes. But if you’re hoping to reach centenarian status (and live the happiest life possible while you’re at it), your best bet isn’t in futuristic technology or in any major metropolis.

The answer to living over 100 lies in so-called “Blue Zones,” five regions around the globe identified by explorer and writer Dan Buettner, where residents commonly live well past peers without suffering from heart disease, cancer or obesity.

While researchers are still working to identify the causes that help Blue Zone communities produce centenarian after centenarian, they have identified a few common factors -- high activity, tight community support, low stress -- that keep Blue Zone denizens healthy and hale long past 100, but one of the primary factors seems to be diet. While you likely can’t move to any of the Blue Zones to live in these communities, you can eat the Blue Zone diet and achieve Blue Zone happiness too.

Here are the five Blue Zones around the world and what people eat there.